Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cold Coffee.....

All that she asks for right now
Is just a corner of the sky
A little kiss upon her brow
From the breeze as it flits by
All she asks for is a book
A cup of coffee within reach
Perhaps the babble of a brook
Too much to wish for a whole beach
All she needs is one wee hour
Where vain duty is subdued
A little whisper from a flower
Oh, evasive solitude
Where did you go?
Oh yes, she knows……..
A little piece flew from this world
The day they told her ‘it’s a girl’
The little kiss upon her brow
Is given by her children now
The cup of coffee within reach
Grew cold; for Charlie found a leech
Her books have princes, trucks and trains
Instead of lovers and villains
The babble is from baby dear
The hours just somehow disappear……
Solitude is for all those others
Who have not yet become…..
Fathers and mothers


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