Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Art of Distraction

I could write of blue, blue skies
Or of midnight lullabies
I could write of moon-drenched hills
Or the sunshine as it spills
In golden rivers on the grass
Where all the blissful lovers pass
I could write of time and things
Of the trouble this life brings
I could write of spring or fall
There’s poetry within them all
I could attempt to paint them then
With the rhythm of a pen
I could write of smiles and tears
Or how quickly pass the years
How the sea still meets the shore
Where Columbus stood before
I could write of mice and men
Of the what, the where and when
I could write the old, the new
What folk say and what they do
I could even write a book
Steal the babble from the brook
I could write the livelong day
I could write the night away
Write a story or a song
Pen the glory of the young
I could write all this, tis true
But I would still remember you………

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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