Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where Are You?

As the daylight settles in a crimson bed
And the sun is replaced by the moon overhead
As the azure deepens to indigo blue
I can’t help but wonder; where are you?
Soft twilight ever the loyal paramour
Her love; a soundless troubadour
Sweet are the arms of dusky true-blue
As I silently wonder; where are you?

A bloom cannot return to sleep in the bud
I am not a child with my bare feet in the mud
I splashed through the brook of my youth yesterday
But the magic of childhood has slipped away
The willow weeps its tears upon the grass
In a hushed carpet of years that silently pass
As I pause on this memory-strewn avenue
I can’t help but wonder; where are you?

There’s a hint of tropical bliss in the breezes that blow
Across the solitude of my midnight paramo
Drawn by the blue tenderness of your empathetic glance
Without hesitation I surrender to the dance
‘Round and round, two shadows on a moonlit plateau
The girl I used to be and the woman I know
Linger together on the field of sunless dew…….
Suddenly we feel a chill and we wonder; where are you?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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