Monday, September 27, 2010


There’s something ‘bout a writhing wind
Across a cool, blue day
Sweeping o’er a tempered plain
From lips, sullen and gray
There’s something ‘bout its sad, sad song
Its far and lonesome sound
Moaning through the rustling throng
Of cornstalks, crisp and brown
There’s something ‘bout the color
Of the stark and listless sky
That says it’s late September
How I wish it was July

There’s something ‘bout September
Always makes me think of you
Do you miss me, are you happy?
Are your eyes still summer-blue?
I hear the call of an eagle
Lone hunter in the sky
It chills me just a little
And it makes me want to cry
September, you’re a soul-mate
Won’t you sing your saddest tune?
How about ‘We’re all the way’
How I wish it still was June

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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