Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow.....

Maybe tomorrow…..
I will write a poem
About sunshine and laughter
And memories that linger
Long after the pain
Maybe tomorrow…….
I’ll write about dancing
Through red and gold memories
Fluttering from the treetops
In carpets of glory
And I’ll smile again
Maybe tomorrow…
My cup will run over
With all of September’s
Grapes on the vine
And I’ll say that September
Is surely a lover
As I sip the nectar of
Autumn’s wine….
…and that will be fine
But today I will drink
My cup of sorrow
The scarlet may flow
In my chalice tomorrow
Today it flows out of
The gash in my heart
Because August and I
Have been torn apart….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes...I'll need a moment;
or a day.......or a YEAR!!!!
I LOVE August:(:(:(

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