Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I crave the new moon in the spring
The sullen midnight sky
The moaning breezes as they sing
A solemn lullaby
I crave the misty summer breath
Of one a.m. in June
The greenest greens which wrap the earth
Beneath a yellow moon
I crave the sparkle of the night
Upon the garden’s slumber
I crave the amber firelight
‘Neath stars to vast to number
I crave the red arm of the fall
The thickened sigh of longing
In maple carpets musty shawl
Spread out beneath its awning
I crave a midnight walk with you
Across the moon-lit meadows
I crave a silent, hill-side view
Enhanced by charcoal shadows
But in my cravings big or small
When all is done and said
Dawn comes quickly, spring or fall
So I must go to bed

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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